The story of a former dark side Digg addict

The story of a former dark side Digg addict

“There is a degree of relief. I had become a slave to the Digg machine. I was sitting on my big fat butt gaining weight with every Digg. My goldfish died. My dog and cat ran off together.”

After a year of gambling the Digg system, Dallas attorney, writer, and actor Brian Cuban has been banned from the social news site. He used several scripts to keep up with the high pace of top Diggers, even after he received a first and final warning. darth vader

I built my “Digg credibility” which allowed me to add many of the top Diggers such as MrBabyMan and MakiMaki. The rub was that in order to keep these top diggers interested in your submissions you have to Digg all of theirs. This becomes problematic within the Digg system if you do not have the time to sit in front of your computer digging all day. I decided that I needed help to keep up.

His story is interesting, as it’s full of paradoxes. Cuban owns his new job as a writer to Digg, the system he screws up by using techno EPO. He seems to love Digg, but at the same time is relieved to continue his life without the service.

A few days later I tried to sneak back with a wig and fake mustache but as it was from the same I.P. address they quickly caught me and shut me down.

Being a Digg adept is a bit like being a drug addict it seems. I hope Cuban can handle the cold turkey.

The up side is that I can actually say that Digg affected my life in a positive way. I am now a published author. I made friends that I will continue to keep in touch with. I will continue to read stories on Digg because any news worth reading will find its way to you.

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