Amazon launches its own CDN

Amazon launches its own CDN

An hour ago, Amazon announced that it will launch its own Content Delivery Network. It brings a service like this, formerly only available for big companies, to the masses. Akamai, eat your heart out!
After Amazon changed the landscape of webhosting with services like EC2 and S3 they now give you the opportunity to distribute data via their content delivery service as an extension on S3.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says on his blog:

Today we are announcing that we are expanding the cloud by adding a new service that will give developers and businesses the ability to serve data to their customers world-wide, using low-latency and high data transfer rates. Using a global network of edge locations this new service can deliver popular data stored in Amazon S3 to customers around the globe through local access.

Om Malik explains why this is an disruptive service:

Amazon is going to bring a level of transparency to a business that has a sales model much like an brokerage firm in the 1980s. Amazon wants to make buying CDN services as simple as buying a book. Amazon executives told me that company is going to be charging its customers on usage instead of long-term contracts current players foist on their clients.

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