An exclusive preview of Wiretapping Sweden, a video that really needs to go viral

An exclusive preview of Wiretapping Sweden, a video that really needs to go viral

orwell_g_1984_1984.jpg (JPEG-afbeelding, 250x400 pixels)Last month I already wrote a short post about Wiretapping Sweden, a documentary by Tomas Nihlén and Linda Pierre that concerns the ridiculous spy bill from the Swedish government.

The Sweden’s parliament approved these controversial new laws allowing authorities to spy on all Internet traffic and telephone connections, starting in January 2009. The wiretapping won’t be limited to physical borders, meaning the Swedes won’t just listen to the conversations of its citizens, but also to those from people all over the world.

This Swedish law is just plain backward, for Orwellian reasons. Not surprisingly, the Swedish blogosphere was furious and many bloggers heavily criticized their government. Yet the storm remained in Sweden and didn’t catch on in the rest of the world. Nihlén and Pierre want that to change and decided to make an English documentary to raise international awareness.

The Swedish blogger interviewed several experts and activists for the movie and cut it all into a witty piece of film making. It will premiere later tonight, but Nihlén was so kind to give us, The Next Web crowd, a preview. So click on the image below, give your password ‘thenextweb’, watch the video, read the blog, and join the Facebook group. Because this law is not limited to Sweden and might cross borders after a while. It concerns us all, so hey, let’s get this thing viral!

Wiretapping Sweden - Rough Cut for on Vimeo

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