Cocomment and Retaggr put your comments into context

Cocomment and Retaggr put your comments into context

Cocomment, the tracking tool for the comments you leave all over the web, has enhanced its usability by improving its design and several important background processes. It now has the “version 3” label. Thruth be told, version 2 did look a bit amateurish, something you can’t say about the new one. Although the icons can be shinier. But hey, let’s focus on the bigger picture here.

CoComment claims to be first and largest comment tracking service, with more than 4.1 million unique users per month. The Swiss-based service has tracked over 22 million conversations from more than 280,000 sites, blogs, and social networks. But competition is fierce. Start-ups like Disqus, SezWho, and Intense Debate offer similar services and are quite popular in the blogosphere. No wonder CEO Matt Colebourne and his team felt the urge to keep reviewing and improving the service.

One move in this respect is particularly interesting: a partnership with Retaggr, the visual business cards service that participated in our Five Questions for Start-ups series earlier this week. This London-based service enriches your comment with personal data and provides links to your social networks.

This partnership between Retaggr and CoComment is actually a really good match, since:

  • CoComment can now offer its users an excellent tool that represents their online identity. Something competitor Disqus already offered.
  • Retaggr is now also available on sites that weren’t compatible with their plugin. Now it doesn’t matter anymore, as long as someone is using CoComment. And as you can tell by the numbers mentioned in this article, there are quite a few of them.

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