Twiffid, the ultimate link blog?

Twiffid, the ultimate link blog?

Remember those early days of blogging when people used blogs like link dumps? I don’t, ’cause I wasn’t even in highschool yet. Anyway, I did read the Wikipedia pages about blogging, so that’s how I know. These days, link blogs aren’t really popular anymore. People don’t need guides anymore. They have each other and share links on social bookmarking, social news sites, Friendfeed, Google Reader, and Twitter. But what if you combine all blog posts from Twitter contacts? Do you have a re-invented link blog then?

Belgian blogger Maarten Schenk probably thinks so, as he has built Twiffid. This is a Twitter mash-up that generates a list of recently shared published posts on the sites your friends link to in their profile. Thus you can see what your Twitter friends are blogging about. Actually, it’s more like a tiny blogosphere considering it consists of just the writings of your friends…

When you load the list feed in your RSS reader, Twiffid actually is a handy tool. But when you decide to use the service on, you’ll have a hard time. The thing is, the user interface is horrible. It looks like a website from the nineties, just like those old-fashioned link blogs. If Schenk hired a designer, the whole Twiffid experience would be so much better. I mean, the concept just begs for a cool lay-out.

[WebTipr: David Petherick]

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