Spellr.us launches, free spell checking for one month

Spellr.us launches, free spell checking for one month

Remote spell checking service Spellr.us has launched at Techcrunch50. Bloggers who have problems with spelling and grammar (like me, since English is my second language) can now count on the services of the Spellr.us scan. They remotely monitor your blog or website and send you updates when they find errors and typos. This service will eventually cost money, but is free for the first month.

http://blog.spellr.us/In a triumphal email, the Australia-based service tells its beta users that it has also improved several features – like reporting and custom dictionaries. Spellr.us has also introduced RSS feeds of errors, scheduled scans, and content filtering.

Boris was the first Next Web editor to report about this service, which was then in closed beta. He expressed the hope that Spellr.us “don’t just do a regular spell check but also look for obvious mistakes like mixing up “there” “they’re” and “their”. These errors are common on a lot of blogs and unfortunately aren’t corrected by most spelling checkers.” I’m not sure Spellr.us has introduced yet, since the mistakes Boris discusses also pop up in Spellr.us emails:

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