Please kill the replies feature Twitter, it really sucks

Please kill the replies feature Twitter, it really sucks

Ok, so I have the urge to keep track of when people mention my username on Twitter. Call it vanity, call it the need to stay in touch with other human beings. Ever since Twitter decided to stop sending SMS updates outside North-America and India, I depend on the replies function to see updates about me. At least, that would be the ideal case. After all, the replies function is designed to notice Twitter users whenever an other user refers to you. But in reality, the replies feature sucks. Really bad.

I think it only shows me 60 percent of the times my name is mentioned. You think I’m exaggerating? Compare the screenshot below with the search results on Twitter Search. If you take a good look, you’ll notice some messages from Twitter users @edial, @polledemaagt and @jaapstronks didn’t make it to the replies tab. For what reason? Only Biz and Evan know…

Eureka! The solution!

So here’s a thought. Just a simple one. Why not grab the RSS of the search results and show it on the replies page? I mean, the search feature (Summize’s product) works just fine, so why not use that as the replies feature?

Maybe there are some developing issues I’m missing here. If so, please tell me. Because now I’m tortured by the thought that an annoying problem can be easily solved, but nobody does it.

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