MeeID cuts to the chase: the 10-line profile

MeeID cuts to the chase: the 10-line profile

Your online reputation is as valuable as your offline one. You can be almost unknown in real life (is that term even relevant anymore?), but live the life of a social media rockstar online. Like Mika from Dosh Dosh, the anonymous Canadian philosophy student who runs one of the world’s most successful blogs.

Anyway, I have to get to my point here. Since the online identity thing is immensely popular now, apps and tools to maintain this holy grail have been popping up everywhere the last few years. Some are million-dollar companies now, others waste away in loneliness. There are even companies that just got started, like RealMee, which closed its series A in funding last week. A booming industry of success and suck.

Bronson Taylor has the antidote for the hype

Another philosophy student, this time a British one, has given a nice twist to this ID business. He has created a really simple app which summarizes your online identity in 22 elements. MeeID consists of:

  • a headline
  • a photo
  • ten lines (which can be links)
  • ten links to your favorites (upper right corner)

That’s all there is to it. It’s a refreshing approach to social network profiles, as you have to make a tough selection of the tons of info you’re used to puting up on a page like this. To make it even harder for you, Bronson also suggests a kabilion other ways of using MeeID. Do it David Letterman-style (top 10 list) or the Git-R-Done way (a to do list). Whatever you want from MeeID, go for it. The site now has 485 users, but deserves more. Not necessarily as tool, but more like a statement.

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