Let’s rock with Apple’s Stevenote Bingo, the iPhone app

Let’s rock with Apple’s Stevenote Bingo, the iPhone app

So far, I haven’t reported about the whole Nano buzz. Kevin Rose‘s guesses, the sneering reactions from the blogosphere, the “Let’s Rock” invitation from Apple and the leaked photos: it’s all one big joke to me. And although a lot of Apple fanboys seem to think about it as matter of life and death, there are actually some who seem to agree with me. Like Lonnie Lazar from Cult of Mac. He created a Keynote bingo card to keep all the attendees at the Yerba Buena Center entertained. Cool move! After all, it was a success with Leah Culver at Supernova. So here’s my plan of action.

  • Let’s vote Lazar’s post to Digg’s frontpage (click) to get it under the attention of all the fanboys out there.
  • Let one of these fanboys create an bingo app (that actually generates different cards)
  • Install this thing en masse, and start touching away during the Stevenote.

Here’s the iPhone app Stevenote Bingo mock-up

It took me way too long to design this, but hey, I gotta give you a good idea of the app I have in my mind.

Stevenote Bingo iPhone mock-up

Ok, so the phrases are displayed as phone keys. Click one and it transforms into a light-blue button. If you want to join a world-wide competition, type in your username and click “join”. The app can be used for every Stevenote to come, but this obviously is the one for the “Let’s Rock” edition. If you and your friends are bored, you can always choose the first iPhone keynote and watch it on the Apple website. After the click you can see what happens when you have bingo (nothing much actually).

Stevenote Bingo iPhone mock-up BINGO!

So start digging and stumbling away to find an iPhone developer who can actually make this before Tuesday!

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