F(riend)F(eed)holic: another frontpage to strive for

F(riend)F(eed)holic: another frontpage to strive for

Now that Duncan Riley finally convinced me to give FriendFeed a serious try, I might as well share a new Friendfeed mash-up with you. It’s called FFholic and it shows the most liked entries, most liked videos, most commented entries, most commented videos, and also the most popular users on Friendfeed. Co-founder Arda Kutsal has sent me an email, explaining how they create these lists. Apparently they currently track over 100k profiles in real time, a number which is still growing.

While the list of top users shows the regular crowd (from Arrington to Le Meur and from Cashmore to Calacanis), the lists of most liked / commented entries are more interesting. Will this become another frontpage to strive for?

The most liked entries are mostly fun pics, I couldn’t find any serious news (something you do stumble upon on digg). The most commented entries though, give an more interesting insight in the social web. The list gives a good overview of what causes keep people (or: the early adopters) busy. Some examples:

The last mention is the most popular, and in Arabic Persian. That’s no coincidence, as a lot of the most liked/ commented entries turn out be written in Persian. So there are at least three possible reasons for his. One, of those 100k profiles FFholic is already tracking, the majority is Persian-speaking. Two, there’s actually just a large number of Persian-speaking people who are on Friendfeed. Or it’s a cultural thing and people from Iran like to discuss Friendfeed entries more.

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