Exit Yahoo Buzz: vote button screws up our site. Back to stunning StumbleUpon

Exit Yahoo Buzz: vote button screws up our site. Back to stunning StumbleUpon

Two weeks ago, I celebrated the launch of Yahoo Buzz, the social media service that would “blow up our servers”. Inspired by a success story of TechCrunch, I switched all Digg’s vote buttons for those of Yahoo’s brand new social news project.

Turns out this was a pretty useless move. Since August 20, StumbleUpon has sent us 4,581 visitors, Digg 1,183, Hacker’s News 679, and Buzz.., well, it brought us 38 visitors.

Ok, so every social media service might need some time to become successful. That’s all good. But it’s not ok that Buzz also asks for some more time to load our page. See this horrifying graphic of how the images on our site load, you don’t want that to happen to your blog:

Yahoo! Buzz

See that shiny button? It’s our way of saying thank you

So now what? Well, I’ve endorsed StumbleUpon before, as they are the only service that keeps sending new possible readers to our blog. Moreover, it isn’t a service that ignores 158 votes from our readers, like Digg did last week. We’re thankful for that, and therefore decided to give the SU button a more prominent spot. Happy stumbling folks!

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