Want to meet up with some French web professionals?

Want to meet up with some French web professionals?

Europe knows some language barriers, we all know that. Every time we compare the Valley with our continent, that’s the first thing which comes to our minds. But trying to break those barriers can be really worth it.

in paris
Next Web team in Paris

My Next Web colleagues Patrick and Arjen plus I tried that in the beginning of this year, when we made a road trip through Europe. We’ve visited Geneva, Brussels, Gent, London, and Paris. The latter was a particularly interesting experience, as the city has a really vibrant and cowboy-like start-up community. Anything seems to be possible there. You don’t even need an Internet connection at home, just work at a free Internet hub. Seeing all that was really interesting. We’d like to offer you a similar experience.

Ever been to a tech festival?

TNW Conference won best European Event 2016 for our festival vibe. See what's in store for 2017.

Therefore, we’ll give away two invites for WebDeux.Connect, a meet-up in Paris with over 400 web professionals. It takes place on the 11th of October. Some basic knowledge of French is vital, but if you have that, you’re good to go. Leave a comment and we’ll pick two winners next Sunday with a raffle.

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