Yesterday was a 1,036,757 tweets day

Yesterday was a 1,036,757 tweets day

Earlier this week, an interesting Twitter tracking tool from Ireland launched. It’s called Tweetrush and it shows exactly how active you and I are on the microblogging service. After months of guessing about how popular the service really is, this tool gives us the Gnip-based truth (Guh-nip is a service that makes it easy to aggregate user data). Here’s last week’s amount of tweets:

Some other info Tweetrush offers: hourly averages, top tweeters (somebody already tweeted 113 times today), a personal statistics page, and the amount of active tweeters (199,022 yesterday) . The last number surprised me, I expected a higher number than that. Anyhow, these 199,022 Twitter users tweeted on average (1,036,757/ 199,022) five times. That makes me a bad Twitter user, as I tweet four times a day (sorry about that). Check your numbers here.

The two things Tweetrush doesn’t include, are the direct messages and tweets from protected users. Thus the statistics Tweetrush provide only give an idea of Twitter as a one-to-many tool. That means Twitter is actually more popular than this statistics tool shows us, since many people use it as an alternative for SMS text messages (Well, at least they do in the US, Canada, and India).

Tweetrush was powered by the developers of Rush Hour, a service that will provide real time action and event based analytics in the near future.

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