TechCrunch’s content finally got the design it deserved

TechCrunch’s content finally got the design it deserved

World’s largest and most influential technology blog TechCrunch finally got the design its content deserved. When I was introduced in the world of tech last year, I was surprised by the amateurish looks of the top blogs. The only one who did it for me was ReadWriteWeb, with its clean, red, and well-thought over lay-out.

But now that has changed. With the redesign, the ads have been tamed – orderly structured at the right and top -, the network links better highlighted, and – most importantly, TechCrunch has adopted the magazine style. No more endless texts, but short excerpts on the frontpage. By choosing this approach, TechCrunch’s design becomes more accessible for less web-savvy people who aren’t used to the overabundance of text. Maybe we should consider that at The Next Web as well.

(I’m not the only thinking this, I guess after RWW and TechCrunch adopting the magazine lay-out, more blogs will follow)

Here’s a short overview of Techcrunch’s design during the years:

TechCrunch’s first logo dates from 2005

The design on the left lasted till May 2006, its succeeder wasn’t really never popular. Although it was the design which served TechCrunch during its big break-through.

I wonder what Mike Arrington has to say about the new lay-out (this is what he said about the green move).

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