Video presentation start-up VIDDIX raises €100.000

Video presentation start-up VIDDIX raises €100.000

Dutch start-up VIDDIX (review here) has received €100.000 in a first round of funding. The Dutch Creative Industry Fund (DCIF) has invested €50.000. The Netspider Group and an angel made up for the other €50.000.

VIDDIX, which started as a study project and launched in February this year, can be best described as a combination between YouTube and Slideshare. The video is playing at a panel on the left, while different web content – such as slides, pictures, YouTube videos, HTML and Flash embeds – shows up in a so-called iPanel at the right.

DCIF’s financial injection in VIDDIX is bigger than the fund regularly gives. Gert-Jan Bennen, fund manager, said in the release: “We’re investing in VIDDIX because its tool is a valueable contribution to existing webvideo services (..). We foresee a good role for this tool in the future of online video.” The Dutch fund normally invests between €20.000 and €40.000, says their website.

Example of VIDDIX video featuring my co-editor Boris

VIDDIX CEO Sébastien Willems is particularly excited about the network of DCIF. He told Emerce that his company is already negotiating with Holland’s largest Internet publisher, Ilse Media. VIDDIX is also working with onine shopping giant, the results of which we will see at the end of this year.

In the comments on my review of VIDDIX, Edo van Santen en “1234gybotf” raised questions about VIDDIX’s business model. Turns out that the video company is aiming at a B2B approach, while offering the service for free to normal users. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

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