Let a thousand spam messages blossom

Let a thousand spam messages blossom

My buddies over at Belgian web agency Netlash have updated one of the coolest looking tools they’ve ever built imho, so I couldn’t resist letting you in on it. I’m referring to Spamgarden, a WordPress plugin that will wipe out every problem you’ve ever experienced with life online.

Actually, it won’t, it doesn’t even serve any other purpose than making spam look pretty (example).

The way they figured, spam isn’t good for anything (which would be true enough if it weren’t for the fact that so many people actually respond to it), so they decided that they could take something bad and make it into something good. That constructive way of thinking led to Spamgarden, which takes all the spam coming into your WordPress installation and uses it as fertilizer for a virtual tree made out of random keywords from the junk.


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