Actonomy lets you search, match job openings with resumes

Actonomy lets you search, match job openings with resumes

Actonomy, a Belgian company, has introduced a new version of it’s ‘search and matching’ technology platform xMP along with an enormous knowledge base for HR professionals. HR is the field that Actonomy focuses on primarily, because there is such an obvious need for searching through vast amounts of data in a structured, intelligent way.

So what does it do?

It’s probably not the sexiest product you have ever laid eyes on, but the software is making its way in the recruitment market, and is already in use by companies like HP USA,, Belgacom,, Umicore, VUB, etc. In essence, Actonomy’s xMP allows you to search through documents in such a way that you can retrieve information that isn’t necessarily literally mentioned in those documents. The algorythm is capable of looking for references that aren’t keyword-based, but rather seek out synonyms, terms in other languages and other links as well.

For example: if a job application includes ‘JAVA developer’, and your resume doesn’t include ‘JAVA’ but does mention that you have experience in object-oriented programming, Actonomy would be able to weed you out anyway.

For corporate HR managers and recruitment agencies, time is always an issue. With often hundreds of resumes coming in for one vacancy each having a different structure, it’s virtually impossible to evaluate and search them in an efficient way. Actonomy lets them do just that. Note that even the most basic version would set a customer back at east 8500 €, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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