Video: Garrett Camp (Founder StumbleUpOn) on search

Video: Garrett Camp (Founder StumbleUpOn) on search

Here is Garrett Camp’s keynote from The Next Web Conference 2008. After a short summary of the history of search – from directories, to algorithm, to social networks and social media – and types of search – page, query, image, visual, video, people, product and music – Garrett Camp shared some thoughts on the future:

  • social search is on a roll
  • collaborative annotation becomes more important: use tags!
  • taming the wisdom of the crowds: expertise is more important than popularity.
  • trust becomes more important than authority. You want to know the people who recommend stuff to you.
  • search will adapt to the device you’re using.

Garrett Camp (Founder at The Next Web Conference 2008 from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

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