Twitter New Rules: Less is More!

Twitter New Rules: Less is More!

In an effort to prevent spam Twitter has rolled out some new features yesterday. The most important one being a secret formula that makes it impossible to follow more than 2000 people.

Unless your behavior doesn’t fit the profile of a spammer. Then you will be able to follow more than 2000 people.

Confused? Well, that’s the point:

“We don’t reveal exact limits, because it’s somewhat complicated and, more importantly, if you were to tell spammers exactly what the filtering rules are on your email or, say, Google’s PageRank, they’d just engineer their way around them much more easily. “

Twitter reiterates that if you happen to be affected by the Max follower rule that doesn’t necessarily mean you ar a spammer. Just that your behavior triggered the anti spam formula. Accounts that currently have more than 2000 followers won’t be actively downgraded but it might be impossible to follow more people.

If you are following close to 2000 people, or more, let us know how the new rules affect you.

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