Subtlety in Subtitles

Subtlety in Subtitles

Almost all the movies that I watch are in English. There must be an enormous amount of brilliant movies made in other languages, but I don’t know about them. Because of the language, these movies often don’t get reviewed by international journalists and are therefore not known by the larger public. Some producers, including some of the famous Bollywood filmmakers are even starting to produce their movies in English.

There is another solution: subtitles. is a site that enables you to find subtitles for most popular TV Shows and movies. Just download a subtitles file and install a DirectShow filter for Windows Media Player (called DirectVobSub), and if you have subtitles for movies or TV Shows that are not on the site yet, you’ll be able to upload them.

Subtitles are available in several languages including English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. Most subtitles currently available are for English language shows, and it would be great if more English subtitles would become available for foreign language shows.

There are no subtitles for Indian movies and TV shows yet. While we wait, we count on Buffalax:


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