Fuelly – track and compare how much you spend on gas

Fuelly – track and compare how much you spend on gas

On stage at the Start Conference in San Francisco last week, MetaFilter founder Matt Haughey launched a new web app dubbed Fuelly, which he put together in just two weeks together with Paul Bausch.

Fuelly, currently in beta, tracks your car’s mileage per gallon (MPG), shares that info with friends, and compares your mileage to other Fuelly users. The ultimate goal is helping you to save on fuel and expenses.

Obviously, the app is targeted at car owners in the US despite the fact that metric data entry is possible since yesterday, while I for one could definitely use a true local version. Hell, anything that could potentially make me save on fuel costs is welcome in my book. Fortunately, the website also features some good tips for me to start with.

Signing up for Fuelly is easy and free. You can add your car’s make, model, and year to your “Fuelly garage.” Fuelly will display the EPA’s MPG estimates for your car (average, city, and highway). Each time you fill the gas tank, you can record the number of gallons you’ve purchased and the number of miles you’ve driven since the last fuel-up in Fuelly through the web service or the mobile version (also works with the iPhone).

The more you use Fuelly, the more data will become available in your account. You’ll see information like the average MPG you’re getting each time you fill up, average price you’re spending on gas, and the total amount of money you’ve spent for the year. It will also tell you how your car stacks up against EPA standards for your make and model, and other users with the same or a similar car.

In a blog post, Matt hints at a future API.

On a sidenote: as Scott Beale points out, Fuelly has an interesting 404 page.

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