Mischievous Monday Mornings: The Technology Enhanced Fart Game

Mischievous Monday Mornings: The Technology Enhanced Fart Game

When I was a child someone told me that some farts were visible for other people and I was always scared that I would produce one of those at an inconvenient time. Later in life I learned that farts are actually invisible, unless lighted, of which there are countless demos to be found on Youtube.

But this video is different. It is inspiring, detailed, amazing and will give you scientific insight and a first ever look at an actual fart:

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For those of you who wonder (yeah, I did too) why that fart isn’t white that would be because this is an infrared camera, not a thermal imaging camera.

DISCLAIMER: For those of you that think The Next Web Blog has sunken to new depths with this post: This is a “Mischievous Monday Mornings” post which is meant to put a smile on your face and provide you and your co-workers with some lighthearted amusement.

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