Mobile games in the UK 103 million euros market in 2012

Mobile games in the UK 103 million euros market in 2012

Just a quick update to show you how mature the mobile games market is becoming. And not just because of Super Monkey Ball. In the next five years, the UK mobile games market will grow with €28 million over the next five years to a total value of €103 million in 2012, concludes a study by media analyst Screen Digest. This impressive sum of money is divided in two parts:

  • Pay-per-play market was worth €1.9 million in 2007
  • Pay-per-download market makes up for €69 million, and is expected to increase to €100 million by 2012

Of all the mobile games downloads in 2007, only 0.5 million out of 13.2 million were ad-supported.

The global mobile games market is booming as well, it’s expected to increase to a €2.6 billion market by 2012.

Researchers of Screen Digest see two reasons for the upcoming growth of mobile games revenue. The rise of smartphones, which obviously create a better gaming experience, and the launch of the Apple Apps store – where more than 10 million applications were downloaded in three days. So it seems we can’t rule out the influence of Super Monkey Ball completely.

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