Just so you know: there’s an iPhone nano rumor

Just so you know: there’s an iPhone nano rumor

Britain’s second newspaper has thrown a rather interesting and spectacular rumor into the world. Supposedly, there are iPhone Nano’s on their way to thousands of Christmas trees all over the world. The Daily Mail reports that the little device will be launched in December.

The product will be launched in the UK at up to £150 – €190 – for pay-as-you-go customers by O2, states the conservative newspaper. An iPhone Nano will be the affordable alternative that is cheap enough for most people to give to their family and friends for Christmas.

If these rumors turn out to be true, two things will surely happen. Firstly, early adopters will be angry (like me). Secondly: time for the early majority: the iPhone is gonna be as common as the iPod – which partly owes its success to its stocking stuffer task during the joyful feast of Christmas.

But for now, it’s just a rumor. And not really a realistic one if you take the last paragraph of the Daily Mail article in account. A touch wheel on the back… are you serious?

One expert suggested the nano phone would have a touch wheel on the back and display on the front so that numbers would be dialled from behind.

UDPATE: also check out this article on Techcrunch. Foxconn is building 800.000 iPhones a week now. Are those iPhone Nanos?

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