Is your wireless network a tool for terrorists?

Is your wireless network a tool for terrorists?

You might support an obscure terrorist clan without even knowing it. Ok, I know this sounds a bit like propaganda from the Bush administration. But it actually happened to 48-year-old American expat Kenneth Haywood. He was just chilling in his apartment last week, when an anti-terrorist squad raided his house. These cops probably scared the living daylights out of him before they asked an explanation for emails sent by the Indian Mujahideen from his IP address.

These Indian Mujahideen are a dangerous group from Mumbai who probably hacked Haywood’s wireless network. After communicating via this network, they killed 42 people with 22 separate bombs in Ahmedabad, India.

The business consultant Haywood told the Hindustan Times that the technician who set up the web connection had insisted he wouldn’t change his default password. How easy do you want to make it for these fundamentalists?

So if you’re sensitive to all this code orange/ red BS you might wanna have another look at your wireless network. If you’re not, check your network anyhow. Your neighbor might be using it for his torrent addiction…

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