Another reason to buy an iPhone: U

Another reason to buy an iPhone: U

Apple - Education - iTunes U - OverviewNot ‘you’ but iTunes U. Apple is now offering downloadable videos of museums, cultural institutions and a bunch of world renowned universities such as Yale, Duke and MIT. Just login, select a few courses you are interested in and download them to your iPhone or iPod, for free.

Now your favorite destination for music and movies is also a great place to entertain your brain. iTunes U in the iTunes Store offers free audio and video content from top universities, famous museums, public media stations, and other cultural institutions. So whether you want to learn from the world’s leading thinkers, get a sneak peek at the latest MoMA exhibition, or simply brush up on your Spanish, iTunes U makes it easy.

I admit, this isn’t regular ‘Next Web’ stuff but the content is delivered to you online and you can watch it anywhere so to me this is about as extraordinary as it gets. Get started now and tells us what you want to learn…

UPDATE: “Though the program has existed on a smaller scale for a few years, it now offers more than 50,000 audio and video tracks “. Guess I missed it before and Apple has just now decided to promote iTunes U more actively. Either way, check it out.

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