Online Financial Times readers increasing, fast!

Online Financial Times readers increasing, fast!

Its not a question whether newspapers are depended of their online services anymore. It seems that newspapers are making the switch to digital, and that income can be found in advertisements rather then subscription based income. An example is English business paper Financial Times, that recently reached an important tipping point – The newspaper currently have more online then printed readers.

According to Financial Times owner Pearson the daily circulation of the business newspaper has been 350.000 readers for a long time now, but the site ‘s online visitors have tripled to half-a-million in just one year.

The increase in online users is the result of a successful digital strategy of the media company; the news company introduced a policy that enforces the frequent readers, that read more then five articles to subscribe to the site. Income from online visitors is generated with advertisements. The digital subscriptions and online advertisement counted for 20% eight years ago but increased to 63% of turnover this year. (read more)

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