New Firefox Alpha Shiretoko & new Safari vulnerability?

New Firefox Alpha Shiretoko & new Safari vulnerability?

Firefox humorMozilla has just released a new Alpha version of their Firefox browser code named Shiretoko Alpha 1. This version is for developers and testers only and built on the pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.1 platform. Expect some bugs and crashes whil giving it a try. Here is a list of new features you will be able to play with in this version:

Web standards improvements in the Gecko layout engine
Text API for the <canvas> element
Support for using border images
Support for JavaScript query selectors
Several improvements to the Smart Location Bar
A new tab switching behavior

You can download Firefox Shiretoko now if you want to live dangerously. If you do please tell us about your experiences in the comments here.

In related browser news it has been published that Apple’s Safari browser is vulnerable to session fixation attacks. Well, aren’t we all…

But seriously, I tried reading the whole explanation and as usual with these vulnerability reports the whole thing sounds rather theoretical. If I understand correctly there is a small chance that someone else can use your user account on a website hosted on a or domain IF the site you visited earlier has minimal security. If that worries you enough you might want to consider reading the article and then let us know if WE should switch to (a stable version of) Firefox too. Apparently Internet Explorer, Firefox and Konqueror plugged this hole 4 year ago.

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