Garner warns US to hold off on WiMAX, Intel is furious

Garner warns US to hold off on WiMAX, Intel is furious

Yesterday, Gartner warned businesses to wait on investing in WiMAX, at least until more vendors actually create WiMax handsets. A analysis that upset Gregory Ofili, the marketing manager with Intel WiMAX. He reacted furiously, but Gartner may have a point.

WiMAX works over a range of 50 kilometers

As most of us know, WiMAX is a wireless technology can deliver up to 70 Mbit’s, and works over a range of 50 kilometers. Implementation is expected in the next two years. Garner estimates that WiMAX projects will be commercially implemented over the next two years.

US businesses should wait

The Garner analysis report mentions that WiMAX will remain a “niche technology” that is especially useful for emerging or rural markets that don’t have broadband services yet. Gartner mentions that the biggest problem for WiMAX is its speed of implementation on the US market, and businesses have to wait until coverage extends to more cities than the ones that are covered at the end of the year.

Furious reaction on the Intel blog

In response, Gregory Ofili reacted furious: “The ‘analysis’ by Phil Redman of Gartner, is so thoroughly devoid of reality, it leaves me uncertain where to begin to debunk it.

Since Gartner’s entire argument hinges on the belief that only the LTE fairy can conjure up dual mode handsets, then I suggest an intrepid team of investigators from Gartner should be dispatched to Asia, post haste, in order to confirm the existence of numerous WiMAX dual mode handsets. (read more)

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