Flock turns to customized browser experiences, launches Gloss edition

Flock turns to customized browser experiences, launches Gloss edition

Allen Stern over at Center Networks writes about the launch of Gloss, a custom edition of the Flock social web browser. The customized editions comes with pink flavors, a new set of badges with lipstick on them, and custom pre-filled content mainly around the topic of entertainment, gossip, celebrities and fashion.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Flock Gloss is targeted primarily at women. Launch partners include Glam Media, Glamour, The Budget Fashionista, TMZ, Cosmo, DesignerApparel, PopSugar, iVillage and others.

I think these customized versions are an excellent way of introducing Flock to users who’ve never tried an alternative browser before. Previously, Flock created a German edition of the browser and an environment-friendly Eco edition. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they’ll come up with.

Last May, the company announced a new round of financing in the $15 million range.

On a personal note: I used to live Flock once but was repeatedly disappointed with the memory resources it consumes, the lack of speed, and regular crashes. It has led me to conclude that Flock may actually not be for internet power users, but rather for regular users who like to interact with each other socially on the web.

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