Cubics serves tons of ads across social networks, no word on actual return

Cubics serves tons of ads across social networks, no word on actual return

Cubics was the one of the first advertising networks designed specifically for social networks, and currently boasts support for most major social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Bebo and others. The company prides itself on displaying highly targeted ads, based upon detailed demographic, interest, and behavioral data, a strategy that led to its acquisition by online targeted advertising house Adknowledge in December of last year.

Cubics sent out a press release today about the fact that they now apparently serve more than 10 billion ad impressions per month on social networks (hat tip to MarketingVox). The company claims this number far exceeds those of Social Media, citing a volume five times as large. The release also correctly states that more and more time is spent on social networks, and that the engagement of people with social applications is very high.

While this may be true, social networking sites are notoriously hard to monetize, and the company remains dead silent on the actual return the ads they serve yield for their customers. For reference, TechCrunch yesterday wrote about Lookery lowering its guarantee on Facebook ads to a mere 7.5-cent CPM.

It’s unfortunate that Cubics didn’t talk about their current numbers, challenges and opportunities. We could have a learned a lot more than the fact that they serve billions of ad impressions on social networks that everyone else says rarely get noticed or clicked on.

Update: Cubics’s general manager and PR manager responded in the comments with some context, so scroll down for their perspective.

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