CoveritLive keeps enriching liveblogging experience: now with live video integration

CoveritLive keeps enriching liveblogging experience: now with live video integration

Ever stayed at home while trying to follow a conference? If it’s a popular gig; tweets, live videos, blog articles, and pictures keep popping up. Hard to keep track of and most of it is not so interesting too. No wonder there’s a start-up that tries to structure this whole live coverage experience. I’ve written about them before, as Canada-based CoveritLive is definitely the best live blogging tool around.

New technologies for traditional journalists

Not only is this service easy to use, CoveritLive also builds bridges between traditional and new media. By making live reporting extremely accessible, CoveritLive has tempted several traditional journalists to embrace new technologies. I hope these journalists are now ready for another one: low quality live video coverage.

Qik, Mogulus, and uStream integration

CoveritLive president Keith McSpurren has just mailed his users that they can now integrate videos from Qik, Mogulus and uStream into their CoveritLive live blogs. YouTube integration was already possible, but we all know how long it takes for YouTube to process a video. So for those moments that need super fast reporting – like the NBA drafts or the recent E3 conference (both covered by CiL users) – reporters can grab their fancy phones and push the record button. See the support center for a video introduction.

One step futher

I love the way CoveritLive makes these new reporting technologies accessible. It’s another step for journalists who used to be afraid of the digital revolution, buy a Nokia N95 and surprise your editor in chief with live coverage. If he’s skeptical, tell him CoveritLive live blogs have been seen by just under two million readers in the past thirty days.

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