Libersy finalizes seed funding: aims to get assistants fired

Libersy finalizes seed funding: aims to get assistants fired

Dutch booking software company Libersy has finalized the last part of their €1,5 million round of seed funding from several Dutch investment funds (Flevoland Technofund, REOF Fund, Shamrock Ventures, Value Creation & Company and a few generous angels). Libersy makes it possible for small service providers to completely automatize the booking process. Imagine you want to take a tennis course because the Wimbledon finale got you all excited, you can then browse to the tennis instructor’s site and see when he’s available. To the instructor’s delight, you can also pay immediately.

The Almere-based company will take a cut out of every transaction – which sounds like a solid business model to me. I talked to founder Karin Loeffen a few months ago, and she told me Libersy is rolling out an international plan to get customers. According to the release, they’re still working on that. So far, Libersy has ran a pilot with telecommunications company KPN, which was “successful”.

I’ve described the goal of their business somewhat rude in the title of this article, but the first thing that came to my mind was “those poor assistants, loosing their jobs to a piece of software”. Yet at the same time, I welcome the idea of easy booking for my hairdressers and whatnot. I’m actually surprised that it isn’t common yet.

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