More juice for your 3G iPhone with imported batteries

More juice for your 3G iPhone with imported batteries

Henk van Ess, Dutch Internet speaker, writer, and consultant – the type that writes an Internet tip column for the Dutch journalist trade journal – has became the European battery dealer for the iPhone 3G in just 24 hours. He’s the kind of guy that travels with huge stacks of batteries – so that he can work for nine hours on his Macbook Air. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t pleased with the battery life of the new iPhone – as the fast HDSPA sucks out all its energy in no-time. Not that van Ess blames Apple for that, as “all major phone manufacturers have to deal with that” – he writes on his corporate blog.

China BAK Battery to the rescue

van essDriven by the urge for a full battery, van Ess posted a question in LinkedIn – asking: “‘who brings me the smallest rechargeable battery for the iPhone 3G without silly cases”. He was looking for a solid Apple-certified battery and found out that NASDAQ company China BAK Battery made such a product. Twenty acquaintances also fancied the battery, so van Ess started a little web shop to avoid paper works. The dealer than asked whether the Internet expert would be interested in becoming the European reseller – and so it happened.

Why is this battery so great?

How I Became An European Battery Dealer For The New iPhone 3G In 24 Hrs : 3G JUICE : portable battery for your new 3G iPhoneVan Ess called his company 3G Juice company and now offers a fine battery for European iPhone owners. It’s world’s smallest external battery for both iPhone versions – only six centimeters – and it doesn’t need any cables. But don’t be fooled by its size, as the battery doubles the life of your iPhone.


Looks like van Ess found what Timothy Ferriss describes as a muse – a relatively simple way of making money. That means: not much effort and time involved. He has his web shop running and money flowing – while improving our iPhone experience.

Update: Henk just mailed us that he is in search for an American distributor, if you’re a distributor or know someone who might be interested, get in contact with henk or leave a comment.

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