Finally, Fake Steve Jobs moves on to another blog

Finally, Fake Steve Jobs moves on to another blog

When thinking about Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last April, first thing that comes to mind was the incredibly funny and witty keynote of Forbes editor Dan Lyons, better known as the Fake Steve Jobs. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, allow yourself to have a 25-minute break to have some good laughs and at the same time learning something really important about the traditional media and the digital revolution:

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When listening to his keynote, I was surprised to find out the FSJ blog still existed. I assumed Lyons stopped after revealing his real identity – as parodies tend to get boring after a while. Fortunately, the gifted speaker and writer (in random order) announced yesterday that he will no longer portray the weird CEO and is thinking about starting a blog under his own name. I’m excited to hear that coming for a successful blogger who said the act of blogging “changed his life”. What kind of blog will he start? Will it be equally refreshing as his first one? The expectations are high mister Lyons, better be ready for that.

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