Picsviewr, seven spectacular templates for viewing Flickr pics

Picsviewr, seven spectacular templates for viewing Flickr pics

Holiday is on its way, at least, I hope it is for you. Everybody deserves a week or two of absolute relaxation. Next to zipping cocktails and playing ball games, human beings also have the weird tendency to make a picture for every step they take on unknown soil. When home, tradition requires it that you show the pictures to your friends and relatives. A modern Web 2.0 devotee like you has the pictures uploaded to Flickr, yet this service is somewhat too clean to relive the old-fashioned cosy way of showing photographs on the couch. Well, that’s where French service Picsviewr comes to the rescue. Next to the most corny Web 2.0 name so far, they also offer seven templates that enrich the whole viewing experience.

What about some Polaroids for example? First you make a selection – based on tags, sets, most recent etc. Then your friends can just drag ‘n drop the photos, opening their favorites – and ignore the picture postcard-like boring ones.

Although the idea is nice, and Picsviewr would certainly fit the Flickr tools hall of fame, some important features are missing. Where’s the embed option? There’s not even a direct link function. The guys behind this tool still have some work to do.

Anyway, for now, Picsviewr is the way to go when you got your family gathered around the screen – eagerly waiting for those holiday pics.

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