Twit2art: reward early adopters with affordable art

Twit2art: reward early adopters with affordable art

Belgian artist Jan Leenders is one of those artists who uses new technology to create an exciting art project. He started @twit2art, an idea that revolves around people sending him messages, which he turns into a 18 x 12 cm art piece. Like this one:


That’s an interesting idea, but it’s getting more exciting – as Leenders rewards the people who reacted the fastest, have to pay less. He writes:

“If you’re fast, it’s cheap. The first twit (thus the first painting) costs € 1. The second € 2, the third € 3 and so on. The price includes everything. Material, packaging, shipping, taxes. Everything.

So the people who made Twitter big – the ones who have the guts and the curiosity to try new things – are the ones who have the opportunity to buy a real Leenders for an affordable price. The piece featured in this article for example, was sold for 11 euros. And this one for only 1 euro.

Eventually, Leenders will make some money out of the project. Making him, says Paul Bradshaw, a true punk capitalist. More and more D.I.Y entrepreneurs find new and unconventional ways of making money, some even by making beautiful things.

Here’s my Twit2art. Update: Leenders has sent me a confirmation, it will cost me 45 euros.

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