Facebook & Youtube help the fight for democracy in Egypt

Facebook & Youtube help the fight for democracy in Egypt

Young activists are organizing rallies, strikes, and protests using Facebook in Egypt. Others are using YouTube to distribute videos showing torture and oppression.

For over 27 years, President Mubarak has ruled Egypt with an iron fist. Now amidst threats of imprisonment, activists are risking their liberty to fight the regime using high tech applications which the despot politicians haven’t quite worked out how to control (like they do the national media).

A growing swell of dissent is rising in the country, with more and more people willing to risk their liberty in order to get their voices heard. Many, however, are too scared to speak freely as protests are illegal and many fear being ‘disappeared’. The following short documentary outlines the struggles that those fighting for democracy in Egypt are facing and the new tools they are using to organize themselves. Click on the image to watch the documentary provided by Journeyman.tv.


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