learn Spanish by watching a cheesy sitcom learn Spanish by watching a cheesy sitcom

Ok, maybe the headline isn’t fair, as I don’t speak more than three words of Spanish. But the episodes of look pretty cheesy to me – with build-in laughs and all. But hey, maybe I would say the same about Seinfeld in Spanish. Anyway…, let’s get to important part of this post, since I’d like to introduce you to a new way of learning Spanish.

the Lingus team

The Lingus team

Sergio Gazeau, Toni López, and Joan Balañá wanted to create a new way of learning Spanish, in which laughter would play a major role. Sergio had over six years experience in the language teaching business, so he knows the theories. He approached Toni and Joan for the technological and entertainment aspects. Together with thirteen other workers – including actors – and two Sony XDCAM high def cameras, they’ve created a web channel. features different episodes from a sitcom – divided in three levels, from beginner to advanced -, which all come with an outline, translation (those taught me the episodes really are cheesy) and several sound files of the hardest words. I guess doesn’t work when it’s the only language learning tool you use – unless you try really, really hard. But it sure can be useful when you combine it with lessons. That’s probably the reason why also sells licenses to schools that teach Spanish.

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