Hey!Spread pumps your video to 20 YouTube-like hosts

Hey!Spread pumps your video to 20 YouTube-like hosts

Remember the infamous and hackled post by Dan Ackerman Greenberg? This viral video professional revealed some of his secrets in a guest contribution on TechCrunch, advising people to create fake accounts and more of those shady activities. His post started a storm of discontent and Dan was virtually killed in the comments. I’m sure he didn’t mind though, as he’s making millions with the promise that every video he touches, breaks the 100,000 views barrier. Well, here’s a tool he probably uses for that: Hey!Spread.

This service posts your video on nearly 20 different video hosts at once – how’s that for viral? You either upload the file or use the YouClone – a tool that rips it off Google’s video site to post it on the other hosts as well. Moreover, it tracks the popularity of the video by giving you a neat overview of the number of views – making it possible to see which site works best for you. It also allows you to compare it with other videos – even those from your competitors.

This will cost you some money though – one to three 5 cent credits per video -, but if you hang on to Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week theory, you’ll realize your own time is worth more.

Hey!Spread – Video Distributing Web Service from Bruno Celeste on Vimeo.

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