Fring launches Facebook and GMail add-ons

Fring launches Facebook and GMail add-ons

Fring, the Mobile VOIP service from Israel, has launched fringAdd-ons, a handy feature that integrates services like Facebook and Orkut into the application. From now on, users can not just call and message each other for free, but also import their friends and updates from the social networks and email services like Gmail.

Users with a Symbian phone can simply download the add-ons from, which will integrate the app. After giving your login credentials, the Fring add-on keeps syncing your mobile with the desired service. In the press release, Fring calls the add-ons the “next generation” of their application, and I think they’re right. As soon as more add-ons will be launched, Fring can become the standard app for connecting to your online social life.

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