Habbo likely to take over WoW as number one MMO

Habbo likely to take over WoW as number one MMO

Ok, sorry for the abbreviations in the headline. Let me rephrase that: Sulake’s Habbo Hotel will probably take over World of Warcraft as the number one massive multiplayer online game. Yes, you’ve read that right. I know, I know, it’s like Pepsi becoming the most popular coke. habboBut it’s most likely that it will happen. The Finnish game has logged its 100 millionth registered avatar and “attracts close to 10 million monthly visitors to its services worldwide”, reports Wagner James Au on GigaOm.

The last numbers WoW’s mother company, Blizzard Entertainment, has released date from January 22th. In an euphoric message, the Wow PR officers announced that the game had reached a “new milestone of 10 million subscribers”. Still quite a lot, but will the numbers remain high enough to keep Habbo away from the MMO throne?

Habbo Executive Vice President Teemu Huuhtanen told GigaOm that they’re expecting to reach the 10 million milestone in thirty days, thanks to a redesign, new content and teen celebrity avatars. The ‘hotel hangout for teens’ allegedly generates a huge amount of cash by selling virtual objects. It operates in 31 markets globally.

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