Mosaic created from 1001 of those shiny 2.0 logos

Mosaic created from 1001 of those shiny 2.0 logos

Yeah, you saw that right: I’m vain enough to hover over our logo. And no, I’m not gonna tell you how long I looked for it.

What you see above this text, is a smart marketing tool by two Dutch guys who want to be the next Sytse Sijbrandij and Jelle de Bruin have built AppAppeal, a review site for web apps. They’ve created 27 categories – from aggregator to word processing -, containing very short to-the-point reviews. Like this one, about Gmail. I’m not sure it will be useful for you, but AppAppeal can definitely help out people who want to start moving their digital office to the online world.

Anyway, to promote their new site, Sytse and Jelle have spent probably too much time on this world mosaic. The idea is pretty nice and I guess it’s on its way to the Digg frontpage. Yet the execution is somewhat pointless. It would have made more sense if they had placed the logos on the countries they were originally coming from. Then it would have a meaning. Now it’s just a bunch of logos on a pile, looking like the world. Or maybe I’m just a bit pissed of because The Next Web, THE (self-proclaimed) European tech blog is placed somewhere in the Pacific. You be the judge…

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