find lyrics without being bombarded by ads find lyrics without being bombarded by ads

Our English Webtipr from France not just does a good job at writing articles for this blog, he’s also busy with developing – a bootstrapped start-up that combines streaming music with Flickr pics. While listening to your favorite artist, Myplaylist shows photos of the performing artist from Flickr. Of course, the music is hosted somewhere else on the web, so copyright death threats from big companies aren’t applicable. Steven is constantly improving the service, adding lyrics this week.

So the new deal is: type in the artist of song title and enjoy the music while trying to decide whether you’re gonna watch the photos or read the lyrics. No, just kidding here, as Myplaylist has become a really good source for lyrics, as there are hardly any ads on the page. It’s just the old school HTML look – which is the new punk – with a Google Adwords block and ringtone link here and there. No AdultFriendFinder or less subtle sex ads, so searching for lyrics becomes the a-sexual act it should be.

Arctic Monkeys This House Is A Circus Lyrics

In the end, I think this is the best way to make money. Offer your visitors a clean and easy-to-use page and they’ll become more than just one-time users. They might even register. So instead of scaring them away with adult or ringtone ads, you make them love you by providing them with the content they want without any hassle.

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