EUfeeds: what are European journalists writing about?

EUfeeds: what are European journalists writing about?

When you favorite blog or news site has a slow day, you might wanna turn to different news sources. A good alternative is Eufeeds, this site is fed by 500 hundred feeds from European newspapers. People from 28 different countries can check what their nations’ journalists are writing about.

newstand in ParisWhen you see a headline that arouses some curiosity, the article opens in a fancy Ajax layer – you know the type: inner screen pop-up that fades the original site away. A selection of countries is easily made with the collection of flags in the top.

There’s one minor problem though: most Europeans speak only two languages – their native one and some English. Of course some exceptions can be made, in Dutch high schools for example, students can learn French, German, and Spanish as well. But for most Europeans, an integrated translation tool would be essential.

When you think of it, this page is just a Netvibes universe on steroids. Or an European Alltop rip-off. However, when you’re in the need of some news, and you need it fast, is the place to go to.

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