Germans can get an iPhone 3G for only 1 euro

Germans can get an iPhone 3G for only 1 euro

Believe it or not, Germans can buy the brand new 3G iPhone 8 GB version for only 1 euro – and a fat T-Mobile contract. To be exact: users have to sign up for a monthly 69-euro service plan. By doing this, Apple probably wants the early majority to pick up the iPhone in a dazzling speed as a lot of teenagers and twenty-somethings can’t resist such a low price.

Operators like T-Mobile can easily subsidize the phones, as long consumers sign for a very lucrative contract. The 16-gigabyte version will start at 19.95 euros with an all-inclusive data plan costing 89 euros per month going up to 249.95 euros for a minimal 29 euros-per-month contract.

I wonder how many of the shiny phones they’ll ship in. One thing is for sure.. “Is that an iPhone…?” will soon be history.

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