InSuggest: a no-nonsense approach to site recommendations

InSuggest: a no-nonsense approach to site recommendations

While we’ve already been waiting nine months for the new Delicious to arrive, the service still seems to be the standard in social bookmarking. I can see why, as Delicious is a robust tool that does the job and thousands of people – maybe millions – have their treasure room of valuable links there. Google Reader and WordPress integration does the rest. So while Arrington still complains about the silence from Yahoo’s side, web services keep building Delicious mash-ups. One of the latest examples – called inSuggest – seems particularly useful, as it recommends new bookmarks on the bases of your existing ones.

Filtering by tags

After typing in the Delicious username, inSuggest presents five recommendations per page. I was surprised by the good results, inSuggest even knows how to manage my Dutch bookmarks. The interface is dark and shiny, the navigation works smoothly. One of the most useful features is the possibility to filter the recommendations per tags. When I first entered my username, inSuggest came up with a bunch of CSS sites, based on my bookmarks from a year ago – when I was a web designer. My interests lie somewhere else now, so I managed to get some better recommendations by clicking my ‘blogging’ tag.


No-nonsense approach

This Swedish service certainly contributes something to the social bookmarking field, as it offers a refreshing approach. In a time where every service seems to recommend new sites on the bases of linking you to “like-minded” people – often leading to vague results, this no-nonsense approach is a welcome alternative.

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