Can somebody tell Hasselhof it works the other way around?

Can somebody tell Hasselhof it works the other way around?

A friend of mine has an impressive stack of glossies. She’s an intelligent girl, but when it comes to magazines this doesn’t seem to matter. A few days ago I glanced through one of those journals, and my eye fell on an article about the most popular YouTube videos. The poor “web editor” had a hard time explaining why Rick Astley, the long forgotten singer of “Never Gonna Give you Up“, was on the first place. Apparently, she hadn’t heard of RickRolling.

Eighties stars are popular these days, maybe we can call this decade already “retro”. Take David Hasselhof for example. The Baywatch/ KnightRider hero is the new PR guy for Soocial, a Dutch start-up that takes care of your contacts-syncing needs. Minor detail: he has no idea that 750 people laughed about a short Soocial promo movie at the last Next Web Conference, featuring him. Some people DO hassle the Hoff.

But now, the German hero has started his own competition. In one of the most genuinely-written blog posts I have ever read, Hasselhof explains the procedure:

Anyway… I was thinking… You guys keep seeing me singing and performing but I want to see what you can do… So here it is – the first official HoffSpace competition – I want you to send in your videos of you singing or lip-syncing my songs from all over the world. I want to see great locations, great costume, great performances and great imagination… Upload them to the video section and mark them as Hoff Video Competition… I am going to think about a prize but it will be something very cool!!!

Despite his enthusiasm, I’m afraid this competition will not blow any life into the Hoff’s singing career. You see, mr. Hasselhoff misses the point here that eighties stars are only cool when other people – not yourself – start a hype. Not because the star has made great songs, no, just because he or she looks ridiculously outdated.

But don’t worry David, the whole Soocial-thing is a good start for a second career. Most eighties stars haven’t got a write-up on TechCrunch yet. Before you know it, your “Looking for freedom” has been watched 25 million times and you give shows all over the world. Just call Rick whenever you loose your faith.

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