Facestat will either kill or boost your self-confidence

Facestat will either kill or boost your self-confidence

Facestat a new service by Dolores Labs (a nifty outfit that develops interesting data analysis tools which work out meanings and relationships in data), just made the front page of Yahoo last week with their new app. Which is, by the way, a very scary way to test if your new application scales.
dark girl
So what is it? You upload your image and others come along and rate you according to some basic questions that you get to ask, such as am I trustworthy, how old am I, do I look sexy or not etc. Other users can also add tags to describe you in one word and over the course of a few days feedback is collated and a picture is built up around your image.

The service is slick all round and the feedback I dare say will appeal to many peoples vanity. It’s an interesting and quick way to see what people in general think of your online avatar or pictures. A must have tool for people who are joining online dating services!

I can see this being big, as I think many will find this fascinating. Also a tip for you, they did an interesting experiment where they compared images of men with and without girls smiling at them, and guess what, a man is considered 25 percent more attractive if he’s already hitched! Go figure.

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