A cartoon project that really works

A cartoon project that really works

It’s a Sunday afternoon, so you’re either working on your own company or you’re bored. Here’s a site that will be useful for you anyhow: Project Cartoon. It revolves around the infamous “How Projects really work” cartoon, which offers a funny way to learn from the mistakes most start-ups make. So if you spend this Sunday on finetuning your start-up’s activities, you might want to scan the cartoon to see what you’re doing wrong.

So what does Project Cartoon offers for the bored blog-browsing visitor? Well, by using an Ajax-based editor, you can give the cartoon a twist. Change the order of the cartoons and use those hidden copywriter skills to make up new witty captions. Or translate the existing cartoon to your own language. Unless you’re German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, French, Serbian, Dutch, Japanese, Hungarian, Turkish or Iranian. In that case, some early adopter compatriot already passed by.

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Good luck with the first steps of your cartoon career. You’ll get an unique URL after you’re done, so you can help your friends to get through Sunday as well.

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